New Favorite: The Still Tide, Half Empty Rooms

I thought y’all should know about this EP. I’ve had it on repeat in my car for every little road trip I’ve been on lately, and it’s worth every repeat listen. Favorite tracks: “Field of Bells” and “Summer”.

Bassist Anna Morsett, who’s been a key player in These United States and Ark Life, picks up an electric guitar and sings lead vocals for her own project The Still Tide, and the laid-back rock grooves support lyrics as sharp as the scissors she sings about in “Summer”, the third track on this four-song gem. The feeling Anna’s voice creates is sort of like drinking hot coffee on a cold winter morning – a welcome friend that soothes aches and mends holes. My only criticism of this EP is that it left me wanting a little bit more of her vocals in the mix and a lot more of these subtle heavy hitters of songs.

Buy them here.

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