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Last week we had a magical trip to Rock Island, IL and back for our Daytrotter Session and a Moeller Mondays set at Rozz-Tox with Laney Jones and the Spirits.

Henri and Andrew flew to Denver from Phoenix and met Art and I for a beautiful Denver house concert to kick off the trip. And then we loaded up the subi (234,000 miles and kicking) and the craigslisted rooftop cargo box I scored for $40, and headed off to middle America.


We stayed with generous hosts we met through who made us dutch pancakes, bought us $5 Tuesday James Bond movie tickets, and offered us a tasting of the finest balsamic vinegars.

We rolled into Rock Island on a Monday night in time for load-in and sound check, and played the best Monday night set ever to a full house. Rozz-Tox has great beer and awesome food (like a side dish of pickled daikon and carrot) and the coolest upstairs library green room. We opened up for Laney Jones & the Spirits, who were so much fun to hear and see and just as much fun to hang with.

This Photo: Scott Dye

This Photo: Scott Dye

And we got all excited when Moeller Mondays tweeted this about us:

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 1.26.51 PM

Here’s some more photos from the show, all Art Heffron’s of course:




The next morning we woke up to a lesson on how to roll the best dutch pancakes we’d ever tasted and then headed off to Daytrotter’s new studio in Davenport, IA to record our session. Mike was such a pro and made us feel right at home, and the session was all fun – I almost forgot how much I love being in the recording studio. When Art wasn’t singing backups, he captured these:






At the end of our session, it was time for the next band to load in. Only the next band just happened to be…The Avett Brothers! So after meeting a couple super-nice members of the crew and their adorable little girl, the only thing left to do before getting to Omaha in time for the James Bond movie was to traipse around Davenport and take a couple of silly band photos for posterity, courtesy of Henri’s iPhone self-timer.



IMG_72015-11-11 12.10.06

So grateful to Moeller Mondays, Rozz-Tox, Daytrotter, Laney Jones & the Spirits, and our amazing couchsurfing and house concert hosts Michelle, Daphne and Nick for such a highlight of the year.

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