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LeAnn Rimes, Back Alleys, and how to get new music!

  This post is full of exciting news. The first, very big, piece of news is that I am so excited to announce I will be supporting LeAnn Rimes at the Paramount Theater in Denver December 18th! This will be … Continue Reading

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“Never Not Broken” video released!

Well, here it is. The product of a magical backyard session with the most awesome crew of people, “Never Not Broken” has been released on youtube. Watch, enjoy, and please share it if you like it! And if you live … Continue Reading

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October on the East Coast

October might be my favorite month. I love fall. I love it so much I wrote a song about it last week…with a classroom of kindergartners. The chorus goes like this: “slurp, slurp, (hot chocolate) slice, slice, (Jack-o-lanterns) crunch, crunch, … Continue Reading

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Offering Birdseed & Accepting Opportunity

Hello, June! Geez, June. It’s not nice to sneak up on people like that. So, since I’m not quite ready to bid the spring farewell, I’ll offer up a May recap before we move on to the variety of things … Continue Reading

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A time to rest…sort of.

And by rest, what I really mean is take a break from touring my buns off (but not completely) while I add two more day jobs to the mix, start looking for grants for a youth program I’d like to … Continue Reading

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