The Best Kind of Friend is the One Who Inspires You.

I have some really cool friends doing really cool things, y’all. So in the interest of spreading the good, I thought you all might like some fun, some entertainment, and some links where you can be reassured that there are good people doing good work in the world.

Here we go.

First up, Andy Palmer and the ‘We Are Brown’ Project to combat police brutality.

Andy’s compiled an album of songs by Colorado musicians reflecting on race relations and police violence. He’s organized an indiegogo campaign, and the proceeds of the campaign and the album will go to two non-profits – the Denver Justice Project and Youth On Record. Listen to “I Am Brown” here:

And contribute to the project HERE. Go do it!

Next, there’s Sheila Perkins. She’s Art Heffron’s brilliant, big-hearted niece and she’s graduating college! Her first big adventure post-school: a position as a Global Health Research Assistant with a non-profit in Nicaragua. She’ll be working closely with their Nutrition program, Community Doula program, Youth Empowerment program, and Water and Basic Sanitation program, but mainly, she’ll be working to create a Maternal Public Health Intervention to provide health education, risk-reduction and family planning services. She’s raising $$ to help with living expenses and you can help her out HERE.

And now… it’s time for a bit of fun. I can’t wait to watch this video go viral. My extremely talented friends Kevin Larkin and Sarah Megyesy have released a new song and dance into the world that I’m pretty sure you’ll want to learn and dance along with. Better than Gangnam Style, this is…. drumroll, please…. GET YETI!!!!

I have one more video for you. Megan Burtt has had an incredible year, playing with the Colorado Symphony, releasing her album “The Bargain”, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, playing at Red Rocks, and releasing this fun and epic video for “Fast As I Go”:

And last but definitely not least, here’s an album you should go buy. It’s a testament to the sad state of the music business that everyone in the world doesn’t already know about Anna Tivel, who is an incredible lyricist, a moving storyteller, and a singer whose raw, gritty voice captures perfectly the images it relates in her songs. She just released a new one, and I’ve been draining my bank account buying car parts so I haven’t been able to snatch it up yet. But you should. Right HERE.

That’s all the good stuff I’ve got for you today – I hope it makes your day a little better. 🙂

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